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Welcome to www.phil-dickinson.me.uk. This is a personal website, created for experimentation and as a place to try out various website programming using c# asp.net technologies. It is designed around a three column layout that is flexible, but with columns that have a fixed minimum width, if you resize your browser window, you will see what I mean. The site is not specifically designed to work on all platforms (phones, tablets, etc) so you may have trouble if you are viewing it on one of those devices. Finally, it doesn't have a need to store information snippets, so uses no cookies other than those required by the implementing platform.

The three main sections
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Photography is one of my hobies that has lasted a number of years. I currently have a Cannon 70D camera with some lenses and a flash, but I have used some other equipment in the past.The link above will take you to a specific page where I will be putting some links to a couple of photo albums that will show some the photos I have taken over time.

Psychology is another of my current hobbies. I have always wondered what makes people behave the way they so. I have spent a large part of my life immersed in the world of logic, true and false, yes and no, it is facinating to explore a 'world of grey', 'possibly' and 'why not'.


So should you put something personal on a website for all to see?

Well somethings seem OK, for example you can add a link to a blog area of the site that details what you are doing with it.

But for some things, a cv for example, you may want to limit access to, by putting that section behind a password entry system, or limit the detail available as I have or will do here.

Everything Else

Programming is, or rather was, my main occupation. I started coding in 'C' and HP Basic some years ago, but then moved into C# when moved from classic asp to asp.net programming. Having recently found myself to be 'surplus to requirement' in my previous employment position, I now intend just let my programming interest float and do more of 'what I want to' rather than what's necessary to make a living...it should make a pleasant change after recent years.

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