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Lincolnshire City and Cathedral : Visited on our Lincolnshire holiday.
Lincolnshire Castle : Visited on our Lincolnshire holiday.
Lincolnshire Aviation Museum : Visited on our Lincolnshire holiday.
Southwell Workhouse : Visited on our Lincolnshire holiday.
Skegness : East coast resort and Gibralta point nature reserve.
July 2021 : A few photos from our garden, and a friendly neighbour.
2020 Harvesting : The harvesting of a local field.
2019 Miscellaneous : Miscellaneous photo's taken so far this year.
Snow Visit 2018 : 1st March 2018 - Garden.
London Visit Nov 2018 : During a one day visit to london.
Derbyshire June 2014 : A holiday in Derbyshire
Animals : Family pets past and present
Garden Flowers : Found in our garden.
Garden Visitors : Uncovered in our garden.