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So How does a lifelong engineer and computer programmer see psychology?

I have always wondered why some people go such lengths to help others, while others only go to the same lengths to cause injury and distress. Why so called 'normal' people riot or stand by passively while others are beaten unconcious, we truely are a super-complex species.

I started studying psychology two years ago and already I feel I know so much more. I now have a vague understanding of identity, perspectives, research methodologies, lifespan development, brain biology, memory, relationships, neurons, hormones, learning, conditioning, key historical psychology figures, imprinting, but also such things as epistemologies, introspection, neonates, reciprocy, altruism, dimorphism, empirism, and so many other topics, yet I still seem to have space for more. Not that I'm doing brilliant though, I already have one assignment mark that was a bare pass, and I recently did my first exam that really didn't seem to go too well, it will certainly counts as a pass without too much wasted effort...not what I envisaged when I started studying.